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Anthony M. Kassir, M.D., F.A.P.A.

Miracle Worker

t''s hard to find a good doctor and I've seen a fair share of doctors in my time. Dr. Kassir is the only doctor who has ever really truly gotten it right. I came to him in a pretty bad state and I started seeing results within 4 weeks. The medicine and the therapy combined got me back to my normal self and I feel better than I ever have. He is attentive, he never rushes you, he spends a LOT of time on the initial evaluation to really understand what is going on. He is always available and returns your call promptly even after hours. It is expensive but let me tell you that its completely worth the money. Don't waste your time with other doctors. This doctor truly works miracles."


Success Story

"I was treated ... for a combination of adjustment disorder and adult attention deficit. He used three approaches: a cognitive-behavioral, workbook-guided therapy (with medication) for ADHD, couples therapy, and intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy (ISTDP). I had previously been diagnosed, by very well-qualified psychiatrists, with mild to major depression. Over the past ten years I'd been kept on a generally non-progressive regimen of Prozac and generalized cognitive-behavioral checklists. Upon starting with Dr. Kassir, my diagnosis was more accurate, my treatment more specific, and my progress was significant. This was despite my own initial skepticism. The most profound and effective of the treatments was the ISTDP; not surprisingly, it was the one that took most of my effort. Fortunately, Dr. Kassir was up to the task in equal measures of expertise, compassion, and dedication. I can think of no better assessment of a psychiatrist than seeing results where there were none before, and in finally being equipped to manage life with power and hope.

"Within the first few meetings, Dr. Kassir incisively diagnosed my adjustment disorder (first visit) and my ADHD. As I felt that I'd kept many defenses up during previous treatment, we tried ISTDP to start with. I found this hard work: confusing at first, hard to talk around (thankfully), but uniquely rewarding. Dr. Kassir was professionally versed, exacting in practice, and compassionately driven. To my mind, this excellence is a measure of his commitment to the discipline of psychiatry and to his clients. We uncovered motivations and limitations in me that were completely unavailable to me in previous treatments. And, yes, it was not a pretty process. Even in the face of such commitment Dr. Kassir was flexible, and adapted treatment to my needs and to the results we uncovered.

"For example, when we felt that the consequences of my ADHD were affecting my progress in a different modality, we switched gears to focus on tools to keep it in check. Likewise, we included couples therapy when it seemed appropriate. He showed great depth of knowledge and an ease of manner in each type of therapy. He never lost sight of the ultimate goal of empowering me with insight and the tools to do something about it. He never hesitated to address any concern I had, be it technical or emotional; to look up information for me; or to accommodate me in any way with appointments and advice for managing payment. He was consistent in this even during periods when he had many life demands outside the office. As professional as he is, he really cares.

"Most important to me is that he conveys a trust in the relationship to carry you through difficult steps. The trust is not based on him personally, and is not based on blind faith in a mystical method; rather, it is a trust in a process that is open, discussed, and practiced objectively throughout the profession. I would recommend him without reservation to anyone who has what seems like an insurmountable problem, who has tried other treatment and felt it was ineffective, but who has the will to take it on anyway. Nothing this effective is gained easily by either doctor or patient, and Dr. Kassir proved to be a coach well up to the task."


A Different Approach

"I have recently finished treatment with Dr. Kassir and would recommend him unreservedly. He is an extremely gifted physician and a compassionate human being. I have battled with clinical depression, and struggled with other self-defeating behaviors for most of my life. Over the last 25 years, I have been treated by a number of different physicians and been on several different medications with no lasting or significant improvement. I was beginning to think that this was the best I could hope for when I was referred to Dr. Kassir by someone whose opinion I trusted. Dr. Kassir’s approach was different from what I had previously experienced. My treatment consisted mainly of ISTDP, an innovative type of psychotherapy, combined with medication management and traditional Cognitive-Behavioral therapy. (ISTDP or Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, is a technique in which Dr. Kassir has had extensive training.). Unlike prior treatments which tended to deal only with the symptoms of the underlying problem (and offering only temporary relief), Dr. Kassir’s use of ISTDP addressed the root cause of my problems and depression.

"I have to say that the work was at times difficult and very painful. It required maximum effort on my part and I was not always willing. However, Dr. Kassir was always patient and focused. Therapy was not a magic cure-all; my life is not perfect, but I feel that now I can deal with whatever comes up in a positive, healthy way. I found Dr. Kassir to be intelligent, professional, caring, encouraging and non-judgmental. (He is also an excellent diagnostician. After seeing me for only a few weeks, he suggested I be tested for sleep apnea, something no other doctor had even considered. I was tested and found to have significant sleep apnea and am now being treated for it.) Additionally, Dr. Kassir was always available if I had a question, and accommodating if I needed to reschedule an appointment. I trust his judgment and value his medical opinion. I recommend him wholeheartedly!"


Life Changing

"I was a patient of Dr. Kassir ... under the ISTDP (Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy) treatment approach. We often met twice per week to work on problems with which I had struggled all of my adult life.

"The work was quite difficult but highly rewarding. My experience with Dr. Kassir reached far beyond 'talk therapy' - I have girlfriends for that! It drilled through the roadblocks and walls I had erected which had rendered previous attempts at psychotherapy ineffective and useless. I often spent considerable time between sessions reflecting on the work we had recently accomplished (or sometimes not accomplished because of my resistance). My interest in the next upcoming session always remained high, which I believe contributed to the effectiveness and speed with which we progressed. As a result of treatment, I gained much insight and understanding as to why I struggled with certain behaviors. Through our sessions together, Dr. Kassir helped me to develop a systematic, internal approach to use when certain feelings or situations arise, which has enabled me to overcome my previously stagnant and constant way of persisting with my problematic behavior. My experience was unlike any therapy I have ever undergone and I'm thankful for something so effective, so different, so life-changing."


Second Opinion

"I am a mental health professional and I have seen a few of Dr. Kassir's presentations. His work is very impressive. I have referred close friends of mine  who all had excellent results.  They were very grateful to Dr. Kassir for the treatment and to me for referring them to him. He is an excellent psychiatrist with many years of postgraduate training in psychotherapy, well above and beyond most psychiatrists.  He also keeps up with the latest research on psychotropic medications and is very skillful and conservative with his use of them, if needed."

"Dr. Kassir is one of the finest psychiatrists in Orange County.  He is a compassionate, empathetic and dedicated physician." "I am confident that you could not be in better hands."

Dr. David D.